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Profil AB, - 99.4% correct pre-employment psychological assessments.
Our follow-up study, in BIMCO Bulletin no 1, 2003, shows that psychological assessment works.

The investigation has taken five and a half years to complete and covers all employments between 1996 and 2002 for one ship owner: Star Cruises, the Malaysia-based cruise liner that has been honoured with the Lloyd’s List Safety and Environmental Award 2002.

All in all, 459 officers were psychologically assessed by our maritime psychologists against specified criteria for employment. Of these, 351 officers, were eventually employed and followed up as regards their work performance.

The results have revealed that 349 (99.4%) of the officers in reality proved to meet the ship owner's rigorous safety and professional standards.

Applying our system of selection has led to low turnover, resulting in continuity of employment, increased safety as well as cost savings for the ship owner.

This follow-up study provides some hard facts about psychological assessment and is the most extensive study of its kind. The results are even better than in comparative studies from the aviation industry.

The the Profile and Marine Profile psychological assessment procedure has been designed to shed light upon an applicant's personal traits such as stress resistance, maturity, judgment, perceptual accuracy, as well as the ability to communicate and to lead others. All officers have been assessed using psychological tests combined with in-depth interviews.

Selection and Assessment in China
Profil Schager & Co AB has, through our sister company, Marine Profile AB, been asked to help assess and select Chinese maritime officers for new cruise routes to and from China. The selections and assessments are being held at different locations in Asia and comprise officers (both deck and engine) from PRC. Marine Profile has been entrusted with this task in order to achieve the same safety level on the Chinese ships as on other cruise ships.

Tests in Chinese, interviews in English.
For the selection process, we use Chinese versions of our assessment methods combined with interviews in English. The Chinese officers are assessed using the same criteria as other officers, but with certain consideration of cultural differences.

The selected officers will receive further training and job acclimatisation prior to serving, but it is already clear that the first selected senior officers are good and stable persons, fully up to the level of maritime officers of other nationalities.

Since a couple of years, Profil AB also helps Sandvik China Ltd with pre-employment assessment and selection

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