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Profil AB was established 1982. Most of our consultants are psychologists and we work with the development of executives, managers and other personnel, as well as with organizations.

We apply what we’ve learned over the past two decades. This adds up to quite a lot of knowledge about leadership, management, groups and attitudes – things that have to do with people.

Our goal is to be one of Sweden’s leading consulting firms, particularly in terms of quality. This is why we focus on the most demanding clients.

By helping others to succeed, we develop our own skills in coaching leaders, in recruitment and in helping organizations through processes of change.

Our sister company, Marine Profile, is the world leader in selection and human factor training of maritime officers and works primarily with the cruise industry in Europe, North America and Asia.

In cases where psychological tests are used, both Profil Schager & Co AB and Marine Profile AB comply fully with the Guidelines on Test Use issued by the International Test Commission (ITC) as well as Swedish Government Bill SOU 2002:18

Go and see our follow-up study on pre-employment assessments. 99.4% correct!
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Executive Coaching and Mentorshop
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